Freelance, Musician for Hire, Session Work

Bob Hamilton has built a career reputation as an outstanding live and session player, skilled accompanist, and innnovative bandleader.

Skilled as an Acompanist 

Bob is able to listen, blend, reinforce, and groove across genres. His adept knowledge of thousand of pop, oldies, swing, R&B, soul, and traditional tunes. His University training in Jazz and Classical Guitar make him a solid fingerpicker. Bob's uncanny ability to write chord charts in his head makes him a quick study able to learn multiple albums and show up for the gig or rehearsal prepared.

A Serious Lead Player 

He is able to improvise with taste, confidence, and class. He is at ease playing blues, hiphop, jazz, bluegrass, and folk. Ranging from intros and endings, tasty fills, textures and dynamics, to extended guitar solos and sheets of distortion. Recently (2015) he won the Arizona State Flatpicking Championship. In any genre, he has the ability and experience to make the whole band play better.

A Banjo Player and Multi Instrumentalist 

Bob Hamilton is also an award winning banjo player. He is a former New England Banjo Picking Champion, a Deering Banjo Company endorced artist, and has hours of solo banjo material. Upon moving to California he became a top call musician for bands and solo artists ranging from Americana, bluegrass, jazz, punk, country, and indie pop scenes to soundtrack work for national TV. In addition to both electric and accoustic guitar and banjo, he also plays percussion, sings baritone, plays electric bass, mandolin, and ukulele.

As a Composer and Improvisor

Behind the scenes, Bob has killer ears and writes great chord charts and arrangements. He is a comfortable improvisor and and part writer. He has worked with hundreds of songwriters and bands to develop lines, forms, arrangements, and harmony parts. More importantly, his musical communication is exquisite to make him easy to work with through several rehearsals and writing session, one rushed rehearsal, or when there is no rehearsal.