“Learn to play the banjo with one of California's best"

“Bob offers packages of affordable lessons to anyone interested in exploring the banjo for fun, to create and write songs, learn about playing chords and singing songs, composition and technique, or just for curious and adventurous minds.” -J.R. 

Bob Hamilton has a unique way of connecting with total beginners, frustrated intermediates, and professionals to take their banjo playing to the next level. A diverse background of old school folk music, session work with rock/funk/soul bands, formal education in jazz and classical music, and his passion and  experience teaching set him apart from any other teacher. His willingness to slow things down, simplify, and adapt the banjo to any song or musical concept make him a stand out teacher. 

Lessons are formatted to be challenging but doable. Anyone willing to practice will see growth after the first lesson. The first lessons typically include basic chord shapes to play campfire songs, techniques to play fundamental melodies, basics of composing banjo music, and an intro to bluegrass banjo. All beginner lessons are formatted to give the musician the skills to be comfortable playing music with and for other people. 

Intermediate banjo players and guitarists will benefit from the experience of playing in different keys, a guidance in adapting unconventional songs to the banjo, and applied guitar technique to the banjo, an well as continued study and exploration of the bluegrass banjo songbook. 

Advance and experienced players will gain insight into technique, transcribing, traditional and modern jazz styles applied to banjo, and playing in a band setting. Transposing, analysis, classical music, technique, and theory are often the frontiers of the advancing musician. Bob’s background of banjo contests, jazz guitar, heavy metal, and composition make him a great mentor and tremendous resource. 

Banjo lessons are $70/hr and are purchased and scheduled at the beginning of each month.

To set up an appointment in Palm Springs CA, or online visit the Contact Page.

"I have been taking banjo lessons from Bob since  June, 2008.  What a great experience!  Bob always comes to the lesson excited to teach, and that makes me excited to learn.  Bob makes me feel comfortable to try something and fail, and he is the first to congratulate me when I succeed.   He has a passion for music and the skill as a teacher that just motivates me to want to learn more and more.  I am so glad to have found Bob as my banjo teacher.  A+"   ~Emily Downs